Photonic Interconnect Layer on CMOS by Waferscale Integration

PICMOS is a European Commission funded program, completed March 2007. The main objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of building an optical interconnect layer on top of CMOS.


For future generation electronic circuits a severe bottleneck is expected on the global interconnect level.


The photonic interconnect layer is built using waferscale technologies as much as possible. For the passive optical interconnects high index contrast waveguides in Silicon arer used. The active devices (detectors and sources) are fabricated in InP-based materials. A heterogenous integration technology based on wafer bonding was developed. For more technical information see for the workplan and the workpackage definitions. You can find the most interesting results on the publications page.


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Budget & Timing

The total project budget is 4.5MEuro.  Total EU funding is 2.5MEuro.


The project started at Jan. 1, 2004 and was finished March 2007 with the demonstration of a full optical link consisting of microsource, nanophotonic silicon waveguide and microdetector

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