WP5 - Waveguides
WP 5 - Waveguides

WP Leader: Dries Van Thourhout (IMEC)

Partners: ST, CEA, CNRS-FMNT



Develop suitable SOI-base photonic wiring circuitry SOI-waveguides with sub-micron dimensions.
Develop wiring circuitry with polymer based waveguides, compatible with CMOS-fabrication
Delivery of passive photonic waveguiding layer to WP3 & WP4, including necessary coupling structures

Micro-ring resonator using SOI photonic wires (Copyright IMEC)

Si3N4 Splitter Tree (Copyright CEA)

Publications for Workpackage 5

journal publications

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conference publications

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other publications

  • R. Orobtchouk, 'Couplers', 3rd Optoelectronic & Photonic Winter School on optical interconnects, 26 February 4 March, 05 (published)
  • D. Van Thourhout, 'III-V on Silicon', 3rd Optoelectronic & Photonic Winter School on optical interconnects, 26 February 4 March, 05 (published)

Deliverables for Workpackage 5



Delivery of PECVD deposited waveguides to WP3 & WP4








Delivery of SOI based waveguides to WP3 & WP4








Report on performance of different approaches for fabricating passive photonic wiring circuit







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